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For years, it’s been a buzzword in the marketing industry. Content marketing is an integral part of the marketing strategy and can no longer be dismissed as an entertaining trend. Whether through storytelling, a blog post, an infographic or a white paper, the key is to add value to your web presence. Good content marketing awakens positive associations with your brand.

Content marketing costs significantly less than classic marketing but can generate three times as many leads. In addition, for the majority of users, it is the preferred way to find out about an organization. In fact, seventy percent of people would rather learn something from an article than an advertisement. Targeted content that informs, advises and entertains is indispensable to audiences. Understand this, and it’s easy to see how content marketing is one of the favorite marketing methods within digital communication. By providing your users with valuable content at every stage of their journey, you'll gain new customers and build loyalty among your existing audience. Market giants like Amazon and Google understand how customer loyalty works. It is not by chance that their influence is immense, and their consumer confidence is accordingly high – especially when it comes to buying decisions.

In 1904 the Jell-O company created a free Jell-O recipe book to accompany their product. Today, they continue to offer practical recipes on their website, continuing their historic success. For your content to perform well, focus on your target audience and address topics that inspire them.