After 40 years in business
the time has come to retire
It has been a remarkable and rewarding career in design and web development.
I could not be more grateful for each and every project and opportunity.
It's been such and amazing run and I'm going to miss it.

I believe that every website should be a masterpiece, combining aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

Because where would I be without the vast array of projects and experiences brought to me through my company and its fabulous clients. From a single business card, to an enterprise website, I have been challenged, rewarded and absolutely honored in my work – I am indeed lucky.

Years of experience
Project completed
Satisfied clients
Website launched and maintained
Print Publishing
Before the Mac

I wish I had kept a few old keyline boards just for display. But I still have the loupe you see here. A trifold brochure took a week or two, with tech pens, galley type, Xacto knife and hot wax. Proof and proof and proof, and then a press check with said loupe.

Digital Production
In-house type and scanning

It's been cool to take the ride on the ever-changing wave of design advancement and technologies. We quickly moved from design-only to full-scale print production throughout the 90s through last week.

Web Development
Open source specialists

I first began working on websites using Dreamweaver, but soon became an early adopter of open source platforms like Mambo/Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress. Adding hosting solution to our offerings moved website development to more than half our work.

2015 -
Speaking and teaching

I have always had a passion for coaching and teaching. How lucky I was to be able to engage curriculum, customized training and workshop development. It's the process of giving information and ideas that is so rewarding.